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Session Ⅰ. Omics for Medicine and Health (医学健康与组学)

1. Cancers (癌症)

2. Common Diseases (常见病)

3. Rare Diseases (罕见病)

4. Eye Diseases (眼病) 

5. Altitude Adaptation (高原适应)

6. Aging and Regenerative Medicine (衰老和再生医学)

Session Ⅱ. Emerging Technologies of Omics (组学技术前沿)


1. Bioinformatics and GeneBanking (生物信息学与基因库建设)

2. Sequencing Technologies and Beyond (测序及相关技术进展)

3. Transomics Technologies (贯穿组学技术)

4. Sequence - Based Clinical Technologies (基于测序的临床检测技术进展)

5. Breeding and Omics (育种与组学)

6. Computational & Systems Biology (计算与系统生物学)


Session Ⅲ. Genome Editing and Writing (基因组编辑和编写)


1. Enabling Technology for Genome Synthesis and Editing基因组合成与编辑技术前瞻

2. Genome Editing and Writing for the Future of Bioindustry and Healthcare基因组合成与编辑技术的工业与医学应用

3. Life 3.0 and Beyond (生命3.0及相关进展)


Session Ⅳ. The Biology of Genomes (基因组的生物学)


1. Biogenomes and Evolutionary Genomics (生物组和演化组学)

2. Floral and Faunal Omics (植物组学和动物组学)

3. Metagenomics (META基因组学)

Special Session - Omics for All (基因科技造福人类)

1. Global Partners and Social Impact (华大全球合作伙伴)

2. BGI - Alliance for Precision Medicine (华大精医盟)

3. Introduction to Globally Collaborative Projects (组学国际合作计划介绍)

4. Ethical and Social Issues of Omics (组学相关的生命伦理和社会问题)

5. GigaScience Prize (GigaScience 前沿研究奖)

6. The Genomics Revolution - From Science to Applications to General Adoption基因组革命 - 如何把科学转化为应用,最终实现人人使用?