Yonglun LUO
Associate professor, Aarhus University, Denmark

Dr. Luo received his PhD degree in Medicine at the Institute of Human Genetics, Aarhus University in 2012. He is currently Associate professor in Genome Editing and Regenerative Medicine at the Department of Biomedicine at Aarhus University, group leader of the Danish Regenerative Engineering Alliance for Medicine, PI at the BrainStem – Stem Cell Center of Excellence in Neurology, and a co-founder of the Shenzhen LunGene Biotechnology Co.. Prior to this, he has conducted a 2-year STAR postdoc fellowship at Novo Nordisk A/S, and been visiting researcher at the Roslin Institute and Harvard Medical School.


Dr. Yonglun Luo has published over 40 peer-reviewed articles, granted one patent, contributed to one Springer Book (Somatic Genome Manipulation), reviewer for over 20 international journals, and received several research grants. He has been awarded the Fogh Nielsen Prize in 2012 and the Sapere Aude Researcher Talent prize 2014. His research focuses on integrative regenerative medicine using genome editing technology, stem cell engineering and pig modelling. His group has developed several toolboxes for CRISPR genome and epigenome editing, including simultaneous multiplexed gene targeting. Currently, one of his research focuses is to genetically tailor the pigs, which will be used by humans in transplant medicine. In collaboration with Prof. George M. Church and Dr. Luhan Yang, his group has contributed to the generation of the first PERV-inactivated pigs, which is published in Science recently.