Chief Scientific Officer, Complete Genomics, Inc, USA

Dr. Radoje (Rade) Drmanac (http://www.rdrmanac.com) is one of the founders of the field of Genomics. Dr. Drmanac invented and led the development of massively parallel DNA sequencing using DNA nanoarrays and long fragment read (LFR) technologies. Currently he serves as Director and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at Complete Genomics, Inc. (CGI) that he co-founded in Silicon Valley (California) in 2005 to develop an efficient and accurate individual genome sequencing (Science 2010, Nature 2012, Science 2012, Genome Research 2015, Hum Genomics 2016, Gigascience 2016, Cancer Res. 2017, Genet. Med. 2017).


CGI was acquired by BGI (Shenzhen, China) in 2013 and Dr. Drmanac now serves as Senior VP of BGI.  Earlier, he co-founded Hyseq in 1994. As Director, SVP and CSO, he led Hyseq’s effort to discover and patent thousands of novel genes for its drug development pipeline.  Prior to Hyseq, he was a group leader at US DOE Argonne National Labs (1991-1994) as part of Human Genome Project.  He completed his postdoctoral studies in 1990 at ICRF in London. He started his career at the Center for Genetic Engineering (now IMGGI), in Belgrade, Serbia (1982-1988). He received his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology in 1988 at Belgrade University for the conception and pioneering development of the first massively parallel sequencing technology using DNA microarrays (Science 1993, Genomics 1989, Sci. Yugoslavica 1990). At the same university he received BS in Molecular Biology (1981).