Xifeng WU
Professor and Director for Center for Translational and Public Health Genomics, Betty B. Marcus Chair in Cancer Prevention, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA

Dr. Wu leads the Center of Translational and Public Health Genomics, Premalignant Genome Atlas Program, and Patient History Data Base at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (UT MDACC). She also holds the endowed Betty B. Marcus Chair in Cancer Prevention. She earned her medical degree from Fudan University in 1984, and following a fellowship in France, she earned her Ph.D. from UT School of Public Health in 1994.


The overall theme of her research is to use highly innovative and integrative strategies to discover novel modifiable risk factors, uncover molecular signatures and create robust prediction models across the cancer continuum. She has established several largest cancer epidemiological studies in the US, MDACC Blood Specimen Research Resource, Cancer Patients and Survivors Cohort, Premalignant Lesion Patient Cohort, and Survivorship Cohort. She works extensively with MJ Health in a large prospective cohort.


She has a stellar record of extramural funding. She has published over 480 peer-reviewed papers, many in highly acclaimed journals including Nature Genetics, Lancet, Lancet Oncology, JAMA, JNCI, JCO, Gut, NEJM, Science, etc. Her provocative studies showed that moderate exercise reduced mortality and extended life expectancy, which led to her proposed MPOWER measures to reduce burden of physical inactivity. She identified novel cancer predisposition loci, discovered mutations with driver patterns and created a 20-gene panel to distinguish colorectal adenoma from adenocarcinoma. She constructed several powerful risk prediction models for cancer screening, early detection, prognosis, and toxicity.


She has received many awards, including MDACC's Faculty Scholar Award, UT Ashbel Smith Professorship, the Margaret and James A. Elkins Jr. Faculty Achievement Award in Cancer Prevention, the Julie and Ben Rogers Award for Excellence in Research, Betty B. Marcus Chair in Cancer Prevention, senior fellow of MDACC Research Trust, the Robert Chamberlain Distinguished Mentor Award, Houston's 50 most influential women, and Leading Mentor in Cancer Prevention. She has served on committees for the US National Cancer Institute, the European Research Council, the Cancer Research United Kingdom, China National Molecular Translational Center, etc.