Xiaoqing LIU
Director of Artificial Intelligence, Complete Genomics, USA

Xiaoqing Liu received her M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from University of Western Ontario, Canada. She has been conducting Artificial Intelligence (AI) research on various fields including defense and security, autonomous drive, robotics, medical and biomedical, etc. Xiaoqing Liu's research interests and expertise include computer vision, machine learning, big data analysis, mining and visualization, nature language processing, etc. Since 2016, Xiaoqing Liu has been with Complete Genomics Inc., a BGI company, as the director of AI working and leading AI research projects in the areas of medical and biomedical, precision medicine, etc. Previously, she was a Principal Research Engineer with HERE North America, LLC., conducting AI research on autonomous drive, especially high-definition 3D map related projects. Before that, Xiaoqing Liu was a Senior R&D Scientist with UtopiaCompression Corp. (UC). At UC, she was serving as a PI and was responsible for various of computer vision and machine learning projects. She had lead teams to win a number of highly competitive SBIR funding from US government Agencies (~ 1.25 Million USD). Her research work has been published in 20+ international journals and conference proceedings including the most prestigious journals and conferences on computer vision and machine learning such as IEEE PAMI and IEEE CVPR.