Yunbi XU
Senior Scientist, Institute of Crop Science/CIMMYT China, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China

Dr. Yunbi Xu is a research professor, Institute of Crop Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and maize molecular breeder/senior scientist at CIMMYT China. He obtained his Bachelor degree from Huazhong Agricultural College, China (1982) and Master and Ph.D. Degrees from Zhejiang Agricultural University, China (1985 and 1993, respectively). He was a postdoctorial scientist and research associate at Cornell University, Assistant and Associate Professor at Zhejiang Agricultural University, rice molecular breeder at RiceTec, Inc., USA, senior scientist/maize molecular breeder and the head of Applied Biotechnology Center, International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), Mexico. 


Dr. Xu's career and research has contributed to the development of methods, tools and products for molecular breeding, including, high-density rice SSR marker development, mapping and application, marker-assisted selection strategies for hybrid rice, seed-DNA based genotyping, selective and pooled DNA analysis, joint linkage-linage disequilibrium mapping, multiple-hybrid population for genomewide association study, whole genome strategies for marker-assisted plant breeding, maize HapMaps and pangenomes through international collaboration, high-density maize SNP chips for genetics and breeding with improved genome coverage, breeding informatics and decision support tools, and China National Maize Molecular Breeding Network involving research institutions, seed companies and service providers. He serves as editorial board member for several international journals including Theoretical and Applied Genetics, Molecular Breeding, International Journal of Plant Genomics, Journal of Integrative Agriculture and The Crop Journal. He has published over 150 articles in top academic journals including Science, Nature Genetics and PNAS, with a total of over 9500 Google citations and H index of 41. He published two books, Molecular Quantitative Genetics (China Agriculture Press, 1995) and Molecular Plant Breeding (CABI, 2010).


Dr. Xu is now leading a group with researches focusing on the development of techniques, tools and methodologies for molecular breeding and their applications in maize genetics and breeding. He proposed a concept of envirotyping, which provides technologies and approaches for deciphering environmental factors and their impacts on crop plants. Envirotyping, along with genotyping and phenotyping, has become three major technologies that support high-efficient plant breeding and crop production.