Eva LI
Senior Scientist, Govita Laboratory, Hong Kong

Eva Li is responsible for managing the Metabolic platform at Govita Laboratory which was founded in 2015 in Hong Kong Science Park. Govita is a cutting-edge, technology-driven company focusing on the development of molecular biomarker panels, and the application of integrated genetic and metabolic testing with personalized intervention services for improving human health, delaying aging and promoting quality of life. 


Eva obtained her PhD in Bioanalytical Sciences at the School of Chemistry, University of Manchester, UK. During her PhD she focused on the application of metabolomics in human health. Subsequently, she worked as a Research Assistant at the School of Medicine, University of Birmingham, UK where she focused on the application of LC-MS/MS-based metabolomic techniques to the research of rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic inflammatory disorders. Her professional interest lies in the integration of the latest scientific discoveries from omics and their application in practice for the improvement of human health and prevention of ageing.