Chun-Ping YU
Postdoctoral Fellow, Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

I got my PhD from National Central University, Taiwan, in 2009 for studying protein folding simulation. Afterwards, I joined Wen-Hsiung Li’s lab into postdoc position. In the Li’s lab, I am working on the C4 project, which aims to engineer C4 photosynthesis into C3 crops (such as rice) for enhanced yields. To achieve this, we focus on identifying the regulatory difference between C4 and C3 types of leaves. We have already obtained many RNA samples, including time-course transctiptomes during maize leaves development, and progenitor cell transctiptomes at single cell level. I and Li have developed a method to reconstruct a regulatory network for unraveling the regulatory difference. I am also involved in design experiment and bioinformatics analysis for understanding the biological mechanism and pinpointing the key factor. My research interests include machine learning, regulatory network, and systems biology.