Daniela PUIU
Bioinformatic Engineer, Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicin, Center for Computational Biology, USA

Daniela Puiu  was born in Cluj-Napoca Romania. She graduated from Technical University Cluj in 1999  with  a BS in Computer Engineering and from the College of William and Mary (US, Virginia) in 2002 with a MS in Computer Science.


She worked as a Software/Bioinformatics Engineer for Virginia Commonwealth University (2002-2005), The Institute for Genomic Research (2005-2007), University of Maryland (2007-2011) and Johns Hopkins University (2011-present).


Most of her work is related to sequence analysis and genome assembly. Among the genome projects  she worked would mention: plants (the common & ancestral wheat, walnut, oak, conifers, sequoia & redwood) ,  animals (bees, mytilus, tuatara, turkey, cow, passenger pigeon), human (CAAPA project),  viruses (Zika, HPV) , bacteria (B. Fragilis, Pseudomonas, Wolbachia,)


She is cou-author of the MaSuRCA mega-read hybrid assembler used for the assembly of very large plant genomes.